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Match with future employers on your terms and cast off hiring bias for good..

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Why OnSkil?

Cut out recruiters

By connecting you directly to clients you get the opportunity to sell your skills and ensure you are hired on your terms. There is no unsolicited contact, no dilution of information and best of all, no agency fees, so you get higher day rates and clients avoid costly permanent fees.

Chosen on skills

Our anonymised CV process guarantees you’ll  be matched on your skills, removing any bias. You can then propose a different rate, start date or location if you choose. Your personal details will only be shared once a client accepts and selects you for interview.

Don't waste time

Registering your details is super quick and only takes 60 seconds. Once registered, you will be matched only with relevant jobs, therefore no need to ever search online Job Boards again - the right jobs will simply appear in your dashboard.
Breaking down barriers, the world over
Bias. Unfairness. Unnecessary recruiters.

The IT recruitment process is broken. Increasing diversity in tech is a worldwide challenge, so requires a global solution that eliminates bias, inefficiency and expense.

We designed OnSkil to give candidates control of the entire recruitment process. We fix unconscious and conscious bias by anonymising profiles and make hiring practices fairer by placing candidates’ skills front and centre. We remove the need for unnecessary recruiters — for good.
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"The greater the representation, the higher the likelihood of outperformance."

You want your expertise to shine through. Companies need highly talented individuals like you but current hiring practices hold up progress in the IT contract and permanent jobs market.

22% of graduates are black & minority ethnic — but only 8% of executives are

We can do better — OnSkil is an effective tool to counter unconscious bias, helping your unique skill set remain at the centre of the discussion throughout the hiring process.
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Match for jobs on your skills in record time

We create opportunities for our candidates by leveraging the best cutting-edge technology. With more flexibility in the bidding process, you get peace of mind that you’ll be hired based on your personal situation.


How it works

It only takes 60 seconds to add your details to our recruitment platform. VIC (our Virtual Internal Consultant) will then automatically match you to all relevant jobs using our innovative 3Bloc technology (combining Algo-Human-AI). No searching or waiting around - we do all the heavy lifting!


Results in record time

VIC never sleeps, takes short cuts or influenced by commission. It follows best practice, reviews every single profile and does not rest until the right candidates are matched to the right jobs. OnSkil ensures you never lose out on an opportunity.


Get started

Once matched, you review and either apply or reject. When applying you can propose a change in rate or salary, start date or location, ensuring you are hired on your terms. Clients will only see your personal information once they review your anonymised CV, accept your terms and are ready to interview.

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  • Flexibility to negotiate terms, rates of pay/salary and offers
  • Seize control over the contract and permanent hiring process
  • Connect with the right clients in record time, every time.
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